Interior Environments

Source One Digital helps you create custom printed interior environments that connect your clients to your brand experience.

We can literally cover your walls, windows, ceilings, floors, or doors with any design or image you choose.

Create an environment that is uniquely yours. Our custom durable commercial grade wall coverings are available in several different finishes and textures. Custom wallpaper provides an exciting visual experience that can convey your brand essence or message.

Window Décor
Available in wide variety of material that can be used to create privacy, control light or provide single or double-sided full color graphics. You can also create special effects such as etched, frosted or stained glass. Available in any design, shape or size to suit your imagination.

Custom Acrylic with Dimensional Effects
Custom printed acrylics provide a very high end look to your décor project. Using first surface and subsurface printing, you can create unique 3D elements to add visual interest throughout a room. Acrylics can also be routered to various shapes and sizes and can even be used to create free standing objects or displays.

Peel and Stick Wallcovering
Peel and Stick Wallcovering are special fabric-based vinyl graphics that allow you to remove it or reposition it without damaging your walls. It is easier to install than other wallcovering without any stretching or distortion of the material. It can also be used on windows, tabletops, furniture or almost and smooth hard surface you can think of.

Fabric Décor
With its vibrant color and flowing movement, the look and feel of fabric brings your project to a whole new level. You can create beautiful custom printed fabrics that set the stage or compliment your décor scheme. Our direct-to-fabric process also provides vibrant colors that are wrinkle resistant and washable.

Vinyl Wallcovering
Vinyl wall graphics provide high-resolution photographic quality graphics that adhere to almost any type of surface including even rough concrete or brick surfaces. They are available in various surface finishes and with adhesives that are permanent, low tack or removable.

Dimensional Shapes, Letters and Logos
Custom shapes, letters and logos can be created in metal, plastic, high density foam or wood and can be mounted directly to the wall or other material. Dimensional graphics can be painted or printed with full color graphics. You can also use a wide range or metal, natural materials or colored laminates to create just the right effect to coordinate with your décor scheme.

Wood and Cork
Natural materials are a hot new trend in interior décor. We can deliver photographic print quality to natural materials such as wood or cork on substrates up to 2 inches thick. Use natural materials with printed graphics to cover walls, create custom shapes or use as small accents around a room.

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Turn your ideas into custom décor creations. Our experienced team can assist you with the right material, graphic design and bring vibrant and precise color to every décor project. Let us help you with your next project.

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